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A website for parrallel/bilingual typing tests with public domain books.

Practice typing while reading books

Practice typing while reading any public domain book that has been added to this website. This website was originally designed to assist in the learning of languages, but also doubles as a flexible book typing platform. By using this website, you will have access to any public domain book a user has added in any of the languages that we support.

Start typing now

Practice typing while learning a language

Still early in the process of learning a language but want to practice typing? You can practice typing here in any of the 100+ languages that we support while being shown translations. You will no longer need to look up translations as you type, as our website uses some of those same services to provide you translations as you type.

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Your progress is saved

As you make progress through books, we save your progress for you. You can return to this website at anytime to pick up where you left off or start another book. Your progress and how your typing skills are improving over time are saved for you.

Share your stats

Show of your progress with easily sharable pages. Maybe you want to challenge a friend to see who can achieve the fastest typing speed throughout an entire book - you can do that here. Or, if you're not competitive, you can easily browse how your typing skills are improving across all of the languages you're learning, or the books you're reading.

Easily import books

If you've ever wanted to practice typing while reading a specific book, this website enables you to do so. We have attempted to make this process as easy as possible while still keeping the index of books together. Add any public domain book quickly and start practicing.

Quickly correct issues within the books you add

If you have decided that you want to add books, we attempt to take the pain out of converting them to a typeable format. All letters inside of the books are checked against common keyboard layouts - and any letters that we find that do not match those keys will be automatically provided for you to easily correct.

Open data

The books added to our website are in the public domain, so it really didn't feel right to us that only we should benefit from the data our users add here. All non-private books and the translations created will be made available for anyone to easily download and use for whatever purpose they want - they are public domain after all.

Dark and Light modes

Want to practice typing late at night? Need a brighter screen to focus? We have both dark and light modes to fit your preferences. You can even change the font of the typing tests - we've tried to make it comfortable to take typing tests here.