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Catching Fire Pt. 0 Ch. 0 #0
wanted to know all my secrets," I say in my best seductive voice. Peeta laughs. "Ugh. Not really." "Really," I say. "I'll tell you more when my skin stops crawling." "Do you think we'd have ended up like this if only one of us had won?" he asks, glancing around at the other victors. "Just another part of the freak show?" "Sure. Especially you," I say. "Oh. And why especially me?" he says with a smile. "Because you have a weakness for beautiful things and I don't," I say with an air of superiority. "They would lure you into their Capitol ways and you'd be lost entirely." "Having an eye for beauty isn't the same thing as a weakness," Peeta points out. "Except possibly when it comes to you." The music is beginning and I see the wide doors opening for the first chariot, hear the roar of the crowd. "Shall we?" He holds out a hand to help me into the chariot. I climb up and pull him up after me. "Hold still," I say, and straighten his crown. "Have you seen your suit
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