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Catching Fire Pt. 0 Ch. 0 #0
way the muttation wolves last year weren't really the dead tributes. It's just a sadistic trick of the Gamemakers. Finnick crashes into the clearing to find me wiping my arrow clean with some moss. "Katniss?" "It's okay. I'm okay," I say, although I don't feel okay at all. "I thought I heard my sister but--" The piercing shriek cuts me off. It's another voice, not Prim's, maybe a young woman's. I don't recognize it. But the effect on Finnick is instantaneous. The color vanishes from his face and I can actually see his pupils dilate in fear. "Finnick, wait!" I say, reaching out to reassure him, but he's bolted away. Gone off in pursuit of the victim, as mindlessly as I pursued Prim. "Finnick!" I call, but I know he won't turn back and wait for me to give a rational explanation. So all I can do is follow him. It's no effort to track him, even though he's moving so fast, since he leaves a clear, trampled path in his wake. But the bird is at least a quarter mile away, most of
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