Title Author Added by
A Tale of Two Cities (Index) Charles Dickens Parker
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Index) Lewis Carroll Parker
Dracula (Index) Bram Stoker Parker
Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus (Index) Mary Shelley Parker
Gulliver's Travels (Index) Jonathan Swift Parker
Ion (Index) Plato Parker
Moby Dick; Or, The Whale (Index) Herman Melville Parker
Pride and Prejudice (Index) Jane Austen Parker
Romeo and Juliet Cliffnotes (Index) Karin Jacobson hippho
Tales of Space and Time (Index) H. G. Wells Parker
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Index) Arthur Conan Doyle Parker
The Metamorphosis (Index) Franz Kafka Parker
The Shunned House (Index) H.P. Lovecraft Parker
The Social Cancer (Noli Me Tangere) (Index) Jose P. Rizal krunchykrunch
The Time Machine (Index) H. G. Wells Parker