Donate Translation

This page allows you to donate the money required to translate a book.

We use Google Translate as our main provider for translating books. Currently, Google charges us $20 per million characters. A normal book can have over a million characters. When creating a translation, we charge the amount that it costs us to create this translation with Google. In addition to charging that amount, we also charge a $5 (USD) service fee to cover transaction fees, and to help pay server fees.

To perform a translation, we first build a dictionary of items using Google translate. If we already have a dictionary translation for a word, we will use that instead. After our dictionary is built with the first run through of the book, we run a translation again using full sentences from the book. This time through, we cannot use a predefined dictionary, because machine learning translation may pick up on some of the structure found within a sentence to provide a better translation.

So in total, translations cost:

Dictionary (All characters within the words in this book subtracted by the amount of characters found in our dictionary) + Sentences (All characters in the book) + Service fee ($5 USD)

Translations are not perfect. If you are not happy with the translation we obtain, we will not be able to refund the money used for the translation because it will have been spent almost entirely with our translation provider.

Book: La NiƱa Robada
Author: Hendrik Conscience
Language: Spanish
Translation: Latvian
Characters in book: 176,383
Characters in words: 140,500
Amount in dictionary: 101,114
Service Fee: $5
Pricing Information:
((140,500 - 101,114) + 176,383) * ($20 / 1,000,000) + $5 = $9.32
Total: $9.32